In Loving Memory

In appreciation we--Marcie's daughter, son and grandson who are professional writers  
and system designers--volunteered   to create this website for Hein Manor, the home  
with a big heart.
This resident of the retirement home was beautiful
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A grateful family donated this website


In memory of Marcie Fraser who always encouraged people to move to Hein Manor.
We will forever be grateful to Dawn, her staff, and family for making a  
warm, loving, safe environment for our mother who called Hein  
Manor home for over seven years.  The cost of Mom's care was more  
than reasonable, and Dawn and her staff consistently performed  
above expectations.
© Hein Manor
Iowa | Map | Eastern
Home is where the heart is  
and Hein Manor, located in  
Durant, Iowa, is an  
assisted-living retirement  
home with a big heart,
dedicated to making sure residents feel like  
they’ve never left home. Co-owners Robert and  
Dawn Smith provide a warm, cozy home-like  
environment for people who cannot, or choose  
not to, live alone.
Iowa | Retirement Home | Hein Manor

Affordable Flat Monthly Fee

Private studio or one-bedroom apartments are  
available. At Hein Manor there are no leases or  
buy-ins, just an affordable flat monthly fee.  To  
find out just how affordable, please contact us.

A Home with a Big Heart

Dawn and Bob, Co-owners
Dedication, Public Service, and Care-Giving
Dawn and Bob, co-owners, who have managed Hein  
Manor since 2004, love living here with the residents!  
Many have lived here for seven or more years.

Dawn and her employees are caring people who  
provide loving contact to residents throughout the day  
and are guided by their mission to treat everyone like  
A family, who is dedicated to serving their community and caring  
for people, proudly celebrates Blaine’s graduation as an Iowa  
State Trooper.  The Smith family members are Donovan, Bob,   
Julia, Dawn, and Blaine.
Hein Manor
Next month we will have a new one.
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