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Residents are part of the community, yet free to be an  
individual. Interaction between the residents is encouraged. We  
strive to make the common areas warm and welcoming for  
visitors as well as residents.
May Day Celebration
Florida Room
Hein Manor is more relaxing and freer than a nursing home.   
It's just more like home.  The staff always puts us first and  
residents all get along really well.
Hosting Irma's
Card Club


Make Your Apartment Your Own

Bring Your Favorite Furnishings from Home

Common Areas Reflect the At-Home Atmosphere

Listen to George, a Happy Man

Happy Birthday
In Loving Memory
In appreciation we--Marcie's daughter, son and grandson who are professional writers  
and system designers--volunteered   to create this website for Hein Manor, the home  
with a big heart.
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Area Agencies on Aging
Cedar County, Iowa Public Health
Iowa Dept of Veterans Affairs
In memory of Marcie Fraser who always encouraged people  to move to Hein Manor.
We will forever be grateful to Dawn, her staff, and family for making a  
warm, loving, safe environment for our mother who called Hein  
Manor home for over seven years.  The cost of Mom's care was more  
than reasonable, and Dawn and her staff consistently performed  
above expectations.